When writing a persuasive essay you will have to take a position “for” or “against” an idea. Your main aim when writing this type of essay will be to convince, or persuade, the audience to believe in one idea. You will accomplish this task with the use of emotional appeals or arguments.

Before you write your introduction, you will have to know the interests of your audience and determine its preferences. Please acquaint yourself with persuasive essay writing tips offered below and you will undoubtedly write a powerful paper.

Persuasive Essay Introductory Paragraph

Once the theme is chosen, you are ready to start writing. At first, choose your position; determine what side of the argument you are going to support and what solution you will offer to the reader. You will have to clearly state the purpose of your work.

Your introduction has to grab the attention of the audience and offer background data concerning your topic. Your introduction should end with a clear thesis statement.

Writing a Persuasive Essay Body

Your body should have clear arguments to support your thesis statement. Every paragraph must be supported with evidence and should support your thesis. In the body of your paper, elaborate the reasons that you listed earlier. To write a powerful persuasive essay you will have to state all facts, prove your thesis statement with evidence, and present your opponent’s arguments clearly.

Persuasive Essay Conclusion

Write a memorable summary and you will undoubtedly receive the best grades! Writing a conclusion presupposes refreshing main issues and facts in the reader’s memory. Your persuasive essay summary may include a call to action. We recommend you use a formal and pleasant tone in your paper.

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Problems That Students Face When Essay Writing

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